For 20 years, THREEblindmice have been providing the finest Visualising, Research and Pre-viz solutions.
We generate test campaigns in a variety of ways, using the latest production techniques: all the way from Black and White shooting scripts to high-end 3D technology and all points in-between.
Our roster is bursting with talented specialists, so we can build a team of precisely the right people for any pre-viz project.
Not forgetting to mention our reputable project management skills and numerous in-house post suites, THREEblindmice are uniquely equipped to offer you an Animatic and Visualising service that beats any other.
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Snickers - Mr Bean

Check out our NEW Snickers animatic featuring the legendary Rowan Atkinson's reprising his role as Mr Bean.

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November 25th, 2014

Glue Poster Visual

THREEBlindmice produced this black and white visual for Channel 4′s latest drama series, Glue. …

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