Photomatic Figures

THREEBlindmice | Photomatic Figures | Colin Firth

When THREEBlindmice are asked to produce a photomatic, often enough we need to include photoreal people – including celebrities! Continue reading

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Photomatic Backgrounds

THREEBlindmice | Animatics | Photoreal Backgrounds

These are a few examples where a reference image has been altered and manipulated to match the creative brief. As you can see, we can make anything happen! Continue reading

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Photoreal Animatic for Lipton

Lipton Photo Real Animatic

Our latest animatic production was created for London-based agency, Adam&Eve/DDB and their new campaign for Lipton Ice Tea. Continue reading

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Diet Coke Anniversary Frames

Diet Coke Research Frames

BETC London asked us to visualise some research frames for Diet Coke. Continue reading

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New Service: CGI Animatics

Stills: New CGI Animatic

THREEBlindmice are now able to offer a complete CGI solution for animatic briefs. Continue reading

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