Adam comments on art.

“Art is everywhere, and due its subjective nature, it can be seen in anything from paintings to cartoons, paving slabs to bricks.” Continue reading

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Summer in the City with THREEBlindmice

Leicester is ready for presentations this summer!

What could be better than finding a sunny spot outside, a frosty bottle of beer or ice-cream in one hand, and an iPad with our latest presentation in the other? Continue reading

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The Never-Ending Hunt For The Perfect Studio

Our editing and animation team love their new space!

It’s hard to believe that we have been based in our Fitzrovia HQ since 1996! Back then we just had one floor of the Mews building, eventually expanding to occupy the two floors and 3000 square feet of space we have now. Continue reading

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Digital Switchover

digital switchover advert

The Digital Switchover is closing in for the city of London – On the 4th April 2012 London will switch from analogue to digital TV and to help remind everyone of the switchover is the robotic character Digital Al. Continue reading

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Event Visualising

1 finish flat

Here is a great example of how a meeting between one of our dedicated Reps and a particular client, turned initial event concepts into the real deal! Continue reading

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