Rennie Animatic


Check out our latest live action animatic (above) produced by house director, Saulo. The finished Rennie ad was also produced by our sister company, jelly for JWT London, to be shown throughout Europe. Continue reading

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Conker Match!


BBbbbbbrrr! It’s getting a bit chilly of late but I don’t mind because it means there are lots of leaves on the ground and one of my favourite games is rolling in them. You wouldn’t believe my delight when I felt a lump underneath and unearthed a CONKER! Well, I ran back to TBM towers and showed my conker to Ginger Boss Chris who decided a competition was in order between TBM and their sister company Jelly. Continue reading

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Joy Miessi


A lovely girl named Joy Miessi did this illustration of the people she has met while she has been here on work experience! Continue reading

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Nice and Nautical

Earlier this week we had a bit of a surprise when three of the lovely ladies in our office – Charlie (from jelly), Marmite and Slippers – turned up wearing almost-matching striped tops!! Fortunately they thought it was quite a giggle!! Continue reading

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