Life Is Better With Cake… And A Pink Elephant!

THREEBlindmice | Visualising | Mr Kipling Pink Elephant

We LOVE cake! So you can imagine our delight when we were invited to work with JWT on their latest campaign – suitably entitled “Life Is Better With Cake” – for Mr Kipling! Continue reading

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Subject: Fashion

THREEBlindmice Visualising | Fashion | Richard O

Fashion is an essential component to any frame – and it’s one of our favourite subjects to visualise too! Continue reading

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Summer of Sports

THREEBlindmice Visualising | Sport | Rick

It’s no wonder that sporting events are the best opportunity to get your brand’s message in front of an audience; as a result, our portfolio is chock-full of visuals depicting sport across all disciplines. Continue reading

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TENA Lights: Oooops Moments

THREEBlindmice | Visualising | TENA Lights

We were approached by AMV BBDO to quickly draw some black & white key frames for the latest TENA Lights advert. Continue reading

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Subject: Product Shots

THREEBlindmice Visualising | Product Shots | Andy H

Every piece of marketing starts with a branded product and we’ve created many different scenarios and environments for each and every one; here are eight examples of our visuals and animatics featuring products. Continue reading

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