Happy Burns Night

Tonight is Burns Night, a night celebrating the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns!

Robbert Burns and Leicester

Our Scottish Producer, Michael will be celebrating Burns Night with the traditional supper of Haggis, Neeps an Tatties (Haggis, Turnips and Potatoes)

Burns Night Dinner

As a child Michael remembers reciting poems, one impractical called A Voodoo for Miss Maverick By Sandy Thomas Ross.

A Voodoo for Miss Maverick
I dinna like Miss Maverick –
This cushion’s for her heid.
I’m jumpin aw my wechton’t,
Annoo Miss Maverick’s deid!
Ye’redeid, ye’redeid, Miss Maverick,
An never mairye’ll say
I dance like a hird o’ Ayrshire
Ky on a mercat day! I’ll pit ye ablaw the sofa –
Ye’redeid an yirditbaith,
An never mairye’llmiscaa me –
Ye’ve drawn yerhinmaistbraith!

We wish all the Scottish advertising people a Happy Burns night. Click on our Facebook & Twitter page to see what we get up too.

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